Sunday, September 19, 2010

Working On the New Blog & Best of TSPO Sunday

Vs TCU for the Title?

Yesterday I made a Big Announcement about a new blogging endeavor I am undertaking. I am gonna spend some significant time today watching football tweaking the new digs (<----hint,hint) and gathering stories for the Big Debut tomorrow. Taking that into account, I have picked out some of the "best" (I am trying hard not to laugh here) and most-read (that is, somebody  besides my wife actually read it) posts from the past for you. So, grab your Pepto Bismol and enjoy endure what you can on a Best of Three States Plus One Sunday!
A couple of football notes : Three words : Texas.Longhorns.Defense. Those guys are brutal. Holding Texas Tech to less than 200 yards total offense? And they are a very young defense. I'm sure the rest of the Big 12 is just thrilled to hear that. Texas 24   Texas Tech 14  Hook 'em! Next victim, UCLA at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium, Saturday, September 25, 2:30 (CDT) on ABC. In the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys are home at the House That Jerry Built to tangle with the Monsters of the Midway, the Chicago Bears. Kickoff is at Noon, CDT on Fox. Here in the Northeast, the New England Patriots are in the Big Apple to battle the Jets in the late game (4:15 EDT) on CBS. The rest of the NFL schedule can be found here. Have a goodern, y'all and thanks for reading Three States Plus One!

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  1. We'll see in a little over a week.
    I think it will be OU vs. Nebraska in the Big 12 Champeenship. The winner of that game will probably play Ohio State for the big one.
    UT can thank #7 from TT for the win last Saturday night, after his "taunting" foul gave the tea sips a first down deep in TT territory.
    UT is trying to go with a power running game, which isn't working out very well. It won't work at all against the Sooners.
    As for their defense, the jury is still out as they haven't seen a serious offense like OU's.
    Tubberville ran more than he passed against UT, which is just odd.

    " After Texas Tech's dismal offensive performance on Saturday against Texas, one of the big concerns we've heard is that Texas Tech did not pass enough.

    After the game, Tuberville commented that Texas Tech needed to do a better job running the ball to set up the pass.

    Was Tuberville for the pass before he was against it?" - Double-T Nation

    I'm looking forward to OU's Ronnell Lewis meeting up with UT's Gilbert.
    He will leave an impression, fo'sho'.


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