Monday, September 27, 2010

Maine Minutiae : A Visit toThe Pumpkin Patch

My wife is a holiday freak. That's not a bad thing. She's always looking for a reason to decorate the house with whatever day is being celebrated. Her theory is, "Honey, it's National Vampire Bat Day! Let's leave some tiny containers full of blood outside so they won't have to find the neighbor's cat to have supper tonight!" Then she draws a blood sample from each member of the family and afterwards gives us a cup of orange juice. As inconvenient as this can be, especially for National Body Piercing Day (I won't go there), from time to time she comes up with a good idea. And while we were watching TV the other night and a commercial came on for a place called Harvest Hill Farms where you can go wander the countryside and pick out your own pumpkin for Halloween. We are going there this weekend. It should be a lot of fun, especially for the kids and even more especially for Bailey the 3 year old. On the property, Harvest Hill also has carved out a maze in a big ass corn field, which should be a blast for Daddy, if you catch my drift. (insert evil laugh here) I plan on taking my camera so I can capture the look of abject horror of joy on the kids' faces after our family adventure through the corn maze. Somewhere near Harvest Hill farms is a "you pick 'em" apple orchard which means lots of apple picking experience for the girls while Daddy dreams of home made apple pie. After all, the family that picks together, sticks together, or something like that. I'll post the pictures I take while we're there and will eventually post the ones of my little girls when the staff at Harvest Hill Farms calls and let's me know that they (the girls) made it out of the corn field maze. Good times.

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