Monday, August 23, 2010

Texas Tidbits : What I Like About Texas (Thanks to Gary P. Nunn)

Many years ago in a former life, I was a radio kind of guy. Simply put, I got paid to be stupid and play music. You know...I got paid to tell crummy jokes, sound happy (which I was) and spin records. Easy money. Not a lot of money, but easy money. And chicks. Lots of chicks, a perk of the job. Anyway, I was very fortunate to have met and interviewed some of country music's all-time greats - Hank Williams, Jr., Willie Nelson, Ernest Tubb, Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks, Merle Haggard and so on. One of the interviews I did was live on my show with a gentleman named Gary P. Nunn of Iowa Park, Texas. Gary P. is not a household name to many country music fans, but his is the main voice in one of the greatest and most recognizable songs ever, with Jerry Jeff Walker,  London Homesick Blues (I wanna go home with the armadilla....). Gary P. has written and recorded with his band, The Bunkhouse Band, some real good songs and I highly recommend that you look him up and give him a listen. Very Texas. One of Gary's songs that I really like is called "What I Like About Texas" . In about four minutes, Gary P. sums up what so many have tried to say but have come up short in doing. With the deft touch of Rembrandt with a guitar, Nunn creates a mental masterpiece of images so vivid in your mind's eye, you are there when he sings of the Alamo or Nacogdoches. "You ask me "What I Like About Texas" ? I could tell ya, but we'd be here all night long", so sayeth Gary P. Nunn.

(Hat tip : Tommy Hailey on Facebook)


  1. James L. Ott - Watson, LAAugust 23, 2010 at 12:26 PM

    Hadn't heard that song in a GOOD long while! I think Gary P. got it right. On my cross Texas trip I saw a lot of what he was singin' 'bout. Stirred up my Texas blood. Sure do miss those wide open spaces, the people, the Cowboys, the Rangers, and just bein' HOME! Thanks Gary P. and THANKS Toby.

    P.S. Don't miss the HEAT!!

  2. James...thanks for the comment. Like I mentioned yesterday, I think those of us who are native Texans that live in another state, may see things from a different perspective than those who are still there with all the unique qualities that make Texas, Texas, right in front of their eyes. My blood is stirred up every morning when I do a post about home.


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