Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Texas Tidbits : The Greatest Town Name Ever in the History of Town Names

If you were in Houston and were to head North on I-45, forty miles or so later, you'd be in Conroe. The subject of today's Texas Tidbits is located six miles East of Conroe and goes by the handle of Cut and Shoot. I.Love.That.Name. Cut and Shoot. There are many stories about how Cut and Shoot got its sobriquet as there are letters in its name, but this one seems to be the one mentioned most. Hell, it doesn't make a rat's patootie how Cut and Shoot came to be called Cut and Shoot, I simply like saying that name. Cut and Shoot. That name is 110% Texan. One would think that a town with such a menacing moniker would have earned its label by virtue of being a Wild West, rough and tumble, gunfightin' kind of place and one would be wrong. Cut and Shoot didn't go by that name until 1912.Cut and Shoot was such a small community, that population stats weren't kept until the mid-1970's. However, the town garnered world-wide attention when in 1958 a local lad fought the great Floyd Patterson. From Wikipedia ; "The town of Cut and Shoot gained fame when local boxer Roy Harris, a heavyweight contender fought Floyd Patterson for the heavyweight title in 1958. Harris appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated and was featured in Life Magazine. So much mail was addressed to "Roy Harris, Cut and Shoot, Texas" that the U. S. Postal Service granted a franchise post office to the town." Cut and Shoot had arrived! Now you can impress your friends at parties and social gatherings of all sorts, with your near encyclopedic knowledge of Cut and Shoot, Texas. You can thank me later. :)

Hat tip: n2l


  1. I really like this and I really like the name "cut and shoot" too. Another great post Cecil.

  2. What a bunch of characters we have down here.
    I used to go through Cut And Shoot often when I was living out on Lake Conroe and working in Houston.
    Nothing like riding a sport bike down country roads in the Piney Woods.


  3. n2l...I heard that! I love the Piney Woods and given the chance would be there in a heartbeat. Having said that, where I live in Maine looks a lot like East Texas, so I feel almost like I'm back home.

  4. i thought for sure this was about gun barrel city tx.


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