Thursday, July 22, 2010

Texas Tidbits : Texas Monthly's Top 10 Hiking Trails (For Tim F.)

With 267,000 square miles to explore, it makes sense that Texas would have some great places to take a hike. And it does. Today we'll take a look at Texas Monthly Magazine's choices for the Top 10 hiking trails in the Lone Star State. Before getting started, I'd like to dedicate this post to a long-time friend, Tim F., who recently had some major heart surgery. Tim, I know you have two speeds - full tilt boogie and asleep - so I offer to you these places to get some rehab in, since a large part of your rehab is walking. Tim, these are ten of the best places in Texas to walk! So, get walkin', Mister! :) These trails stretch  from the Davis Mountains in Far West Texas to my personal favorite The Big Thicket in Southeast Texas. (Village Creek in the Big Thicket is one of the hidden jewels of Texas fishing. Trust me on this. I have fished there hundreds of times. It's Top 10 worthy itself). With all that said I'll send you off to Texas Monthly's website to get the full story. this link !

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