Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Texas Tidbits : Texas Is The "Stickiest" State

Texans pride themselves on being Number One. That's true in almost all aspects of Texas life, be it football, Mexican Food or pretty women. We like being the biggest, best and first. Apparently our desire to live and stay in Texas is at the top of the list, too. Acoording to the Pew Research Center, The Lone Star State is at the pinnacle of "sticky" states - "sticky" being that of all Texas residents, almost 76% of them are Texas-born and have stayed in Texas in to adulthood. So, chances are the guy at work sitting in the cubicle next to you is a Native Texan. Contrast that to the number of "sticky" Mainers at about 55%. (Washington, D.C. is the worst at 13%...go figure) This statistic tells me a few things. One, Texans think Texas is a great place to live and  raise a family. Two, Texans feel that the way the state is run by the Texas Legislature is, on the whole, consistent with their own beliefs, i.e., no state income tax and  fairly low taxes all around, unlike places such as California. Three, Texas has an abundance of natural resources (oil, agriculture, technology, land) that allow it to be pretty self-sufficient. Four, when you live in such a locale, why the hell go somewhere else?

(Hat tip : Denise Beasley Carter)


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