Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Maine Minutiae : The Space Glove

Forty one years ago today, man first foot on the moon. Honoring that extraordinary achievement, I am posting about the Three States (TX, ME, CO) connections to NASA and/or the space program. Even way up here we have had an impact.
Peter Homer of Southwest Harbor, Maine is an engineer. In 2007, Peter took up NASA'S call to build a better space glove for the first-ever Astronaut Glove Challenge. Boy, did he ever! He won the competition ! You'd think that Mr. Homer would have spent endless hours in some high tech laboratory, which he probably did. BUT, and that's one BIG but, Peter actually did most of the work on his astronaut glove design on his kitchen table ! With materials he purchased at Home Depot and from eBay! I. Kid. You. Not. ! For his efforts, he picked up a $200,000 prize from NASA. I guess this story (and Peter Homer) prove the old K.I.S.S. Theory - Keep It Simple Stupid. Way to go, Pete !

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