Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Maine Minutiae : Heat Waves ?

Yup. Heat waves in Maine. My friends in Texas might get a chuckle out of those words - "heat waves in Maine". Although nothing up here will ever approach the magnitude of the Summer of 1980 in Texas, it still gets pretty warm up here in our neck of the woods. Just last week, we had actual summer temperatures in Maine. Keep in mind, that the average high/low for Augusta this time of year is 81/60, and the majority of homes up here have no central a/c. The highest temperature ever recorded in Maine was 105 degrees at North Bridgeton, July 10, nineteen eleven ! According to, the record high for Augusta is 100 on August 5, 1955. Conersely, the record low for Augusta is 33 BELOW zero on December 19, 1975, exactly one week after my wife was born. Coincidence? Back to I type this, it is 73 degrees at 12:45 pm. Did I mention that it's summer time here? We'll probably hit 90 another time or two before autumn pays a visit, but that's one of the perks of living in the Pine Tree State...warm, wet, (think April, Texans) short summers. Sure, the winters can be brutal, but I have two little girls and a wife to snuggle with to keep me warm when it's freeze-your-ass-off cold. Therefore, I have no complaints.

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